NKalore Compiler




NKalore is a programming language that extends C# allowing the use of AOP in .net platform. NKalore have a simple and intuitive syntax. If you are starting to use NKalore, take a look at the samples page.

The NKalore compiler is based in the Mono C# Compiler (MCS), currently NKalore can only be used via command line or within #Develop. NKalore generates assemblies compatibles with CLS (Common Language Specification) which can be used by any .NET IDE, including Visual Studio .NET. 

01/09/2006 - Article at CodeProject
Today was published an article about NKalore at, talking about how to implement AOP in C# using NKalore, check it at:

01/05/2006 - NKalore 0.1.3 is released
  • The compiler was renamed from Aspect# to NKalore. This is due because there is a AOP framework for .NET, so sorry about it. 
  • Introduce the THROWING advice. So exceptions now can be handled in advices, that a look at samples page
  • Bug fixes.

11/20/2005 - NKalore 0.1.2 is released
After some weeks, the version 0.1.2 is released. This version introduces a new advice: AROUND. Another new features in this release is the new variable thisJoinPoint. Take a look at change log:
  • Support to AROUND advice
  • thisJoinPoint varible with members:
    • Instance
    • ParamsData
    • InstanceType
    • MethodInfo
  • Bug fixes.